The Most Annoying Coworker Habits

When it comes to coworkers, you can’t always pick who you work with. While most colleagues are a pleasure to work with, there may be times when you encounter coworkers that can really test your patience. From the chatterbox to the microwave warrior, there’s no shortage of habits that can make the daily grind a bit more challenging. Welcome to the mining life, where each day brings new challenges and characters with annoying habits.

Midnight Workout Sessions

Who needs sleep when you can turn your bedroom into a personal gym at 3:30 am or 9:30 pm? Engage in high-intensity exercises like star jumps and burpees, ensuring your elephant-like stomping sounds resonate through the walls. Your coworkers will surely find it both relaxing and energising to be serenaded by your nocturnal fitness routine.

Microwave Fish

Why settle for the mundane smell of popcorn or leftovers when you can unleash the pungent aroma of microwaved fish on your unsuspecting coworkers?

Full Volume

The lunch room is the perfect setting for making important phone calls at maximum volume. Don’t forget to express your emotions loudly for added effect!

Alarm Serenade

Why keep your alarm confined to your bedroom when you can share its delightful melodies with the entire crew? Make sure you set your alarm and get up about 10 minutes before. Then let it keep playing so it helps to wake the rest of your block up. (Not all heroes wear capes)

Door Slammer 101

Slamming your room door at every opportunity will serve as a constant reminder to your coworkers of your powerful presence.

Baine-Marie Bounty

All that good food in the baine-marie, make sure you grab way too much and you can chuck half in the bin or, even better, leave it in the fridge for a few weeks!

The Safety Glasses Hoarder

When the coveted box of tinted safety glasses arrives, make sure you seize the opportunity to be the ultimate collector. Grab a generous amount, let’s say 20 pairs, and take them home as if they were precious treasures. Then, let them marinate in the depths of your closet for a good three years before finally deciding to give them a proper farewell in the trash bin. Same goes for the boots, even if you already have 3 or 4 boxes at home.

Winter Fashion

Winter is coming: As the seasons change and winter approaches, it’s time to showcase your impeccable fashion sense. Order another brand new $200 jacket you will wear once.

The Notorious Pie Thief

If there’s a pie in the crib room pie warmer it’s finders keepers, losers weepers, just leave the packaging in there or better still take the top off, eat the filling & put it back in there!!

Tunes of Torment

Blast Your Favourite Music: Nothing says “team player” like subjecting your coworkers to your taste in music at maximum volume.


It’s important to remember that the suggestions provided in a sarcastic manner are meant purely for entertainment purposes. In reality, building positive relationships with your coworkers and maintaining a harmonious work environment is crucial. Being considerate, respectful, and mindful of others’ needs and boundaries should always be the priority.