Building Industry Synonyms & Acronyms

Australian slang and terminology is a language of its own, and if that’s not confusing enough for you, the mining and construction Industries have added some interesting lingo of their own.

There are more acronyms in these industries than you can poke a stick at, and that’s just the official ones.

Here, we’ve listed the most commonly used acronyms and industry lingo to get you started.

Commonly used Acronyms

  • AART – Apply Advanced Resuscitation Techniques
  • AFARP – As far as reasonably practical
  • ALARA – As Low As Reasonably Achievable
  • BCC – Black Coal competency
  • BIBO – Bus in Bus Out
  • CBT – Competency Based Training
  • COP – Code of Practice
  • CV – Conveyor
  • DGHS – Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances
  • DIDO – Drive in Drive out
  • EMP – Emergency Management Plan
  • ERT – Emergency Response Team
  • FAI – First Aid Incident
  • FIFO – Fly in Fly out
  • HAZOP – Hazard and Operability
  • HFA – Hazard Factor Assessment
  • HIRA – Hazard Identification Risk Assessment
  • HSR – Health and Safety Representative
  • HSSE – Health, Safety, Security & Environment
  • ISHR – Industry Safety & Health Representative
  • GPT – Grams per tonne of gold
  • LAHA – Living Away From Home Allowance
  • LOTO – lock out Tag Out
  • L2RA – Level Two Risk Assessment
  • MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
  • MTI – Medically Treated Incident
  • NLTPHRW – National Licence To Perform High Risk Work
  • NMI – Near Miss Incident
  • NSCA – National Safety Council of Australia
  • NSFW – Not Safe For Work
  • OFA – Occupational First Aid
  • OH&S – Occupational Health & Safety
  • PHMP – Principal Hazard Management Plan
  • PHP – Personal Hearing Protection
  • PIP – Project Incentive Payment
  • POCL – Pre Operation Check List
  • Pos Comms – Positive Radio Communications
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
  • PTW – Permit to Work
  • RA – Risk Assessment
  • RPL – Recognition of Prior Learning
  • RDO – Rostered Day Off
  • R&R – Rest & Relaxation
  • ROM – Run of Mine
  • SFA – Senior First Aid
  • SHMS – Safety & Health Management System
  • SINA – Safety Is No Accident
  • SIT – Safety Improvement Team
  • SLAM – Stop, Look, Assess, Manage
  • SMP – Safety management Plan
  • SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
  • SSOP Safe Standard Operating Procedure
  • SSE – Senior Site Executive
  • SWI – Safe Work Instruction
  • SWL – Safe Working Load
  • SWMS – safe work method statement
  • SWP – Safe Work Practice , Safe Work Platform
  • TRI – Total Recordable Injuries, Total Reportable Injuries
  • VOC – Verification of Competency
  • W@H – Work at Heights
  • WAH – Work at Heights
  • WHS – Workplace Health and Safety
  • WHSO – Workplace Health and Safety Officer
  • WICS – Work In Confined Space
  • WMS – Work Method Statement

Welcome to the Construction industry

“That’s a Pineapple”

A dressing-down or verbal punishment, from management to workers, commonly used in the Australian mining and construction industries. Meant to evoke the mental picture of having a spikey pineapple shoved up one’s butt.
Example – The boss wasn’t happy; he gave us all a pineapple.

Acronyms Related to Paperwork

  • J.S.A. – Job Safety Analysis
  • J.S.E.A – Job Safety Environmental Analysis
  • RII’s – Qualification that starts with the letters RII
  • Take 5 – Document to identify potential hazards

Construction Lingo/Synonym’s

  • Swing: Length of days you are on site
  • Camp: The village where staff live
  • Sparkie: The electrician
  • Toolbox talk: Pre-shift meeting
  • Shift: Length of time working in one day
  • Crib/ Crib Room: Lunch room
  • Dry mess: Dining area
  • Wet mess/ Wetty: The pub
  • Slab: A carton of beer
  • Smoko: A cigarette or tea/coffee break (10-15 minutes)
  • TGIF: Thank God its Friday
  • FIGJAM – F$%# I’m Good, Just Ask Me
  • Blow Numbers – To fail a breathalyzer test
  • Window Seat – Mining term used when someone is sacked/fired
  • TGIFOD… Thank God Its Fly Out Day
  • POETS day: The letters in “POETS” are an acronym for “Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday” hence Friday becomes a Poet’s day
  • JIM: Jobs in Mining

The Carton Policy

That’s a Carton: Starters carton, leavers carton, that’s a carton, everything is a carton of beer

The carton policy is a specific set of rules, set out by your crew. Break the rules and you will be fined in the form of buying cartons of beer.

  1. All new starters are required to supply a starters carton
  2. Departure tax of a carton must be supplied at the end of term of employment. This applies to anybody that has been on site for a period of 3 months or more
  3. Flat tyres/batteries incurs the penalty of a carton
  4. Bogged vehicles that require a tow will be subjected to a carton
  5. Your birthday, its a carton
  6. If you miss the plane on the way home, you’re a dickhead, and will be penalised a carton
  7. Any moneys won in raffles over the value of $250 is a carton
  8. Any stuff up on the job that is directly caused by yourself, is a carton
  9. Any stuff up that requires assistance from other people is a carton
  10. Failure to inform the crew that someone owes a carton will cost you a carton
  11. Damage to machinery accidental or otherwise will cost a box
  12. If you owe a carton and are seen partaking in another persons carton without good reason, you will be penalised another carton. People are urged to pay ASAP so as to avoid this
  13. Had a baby? its a box
  14. Any promotions that last more than a period of 3 months will cost a carton
  15. False acquisitions amounts in a carton
  16. Forgot your lock? guess who’s buying a carton?

Download your copy of the Carton Policy

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